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Food Service Jobs - Top 10 Food Service Job Opportunities

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Food service jobs abound in the food sector where the daily operations of establishments serve food and beverages to customers. The food service manager is the one who handles the operation and oversees all the aspects of running the business, hire employees as well as provide excellent customer service. They also perform administrative tasks like keeping employee paperwork and bookkeeping.

Food service jobs are challenging but rewarding and there are plenty of job opportunities in this field because of the high turnover. If you have excellent customer service skills this is the job for you and you can start with an entry level position and then you can work your way to the top if you have the determination of succeed. Since you will work around food, you should have a clean and neat appearance and you should be in good health as this job can be very stressful and physically demanding.

If you want to pursue a career in this field you should get a college degree especially if you are applying for a managerial position as most employers prefer applicants with a 2-4 year degree in hospitality or business management and any related course. You must develop your experience by working in a food service environment or restaurant jobs. Get the training you need including work as a waiter, counter attendant or cook offered by a restaurant of any food management company as their courses are included on the job training and classroom instructions. Prepare your resume that emphasizes your leadership skills and be ready to sell your qualities and abilities to your prospective employers during the interview. You can do a food service job search on the internet by visiting the company’s website or online job boards where you can find a variety of listings. Get a foodservice management professional certification if you have a management position to meet the standards of your work experience in this field.

Here are some of these top 10 interesting food service jobs:
  1. Chefs - directs the preparation of food, plan, and price the menu items, keep the records and accounts, order supplies, hire staff and meet customers. They have varying salaries every year depending on their efforts. There are three types of chefs and they are the executive chef, the executive pastry chef, and the sous chef.
  2. Dieticians and Nutritionists - they implement dietary care and advise patients and families on dietary plans, food selection, and diet modification.
  3. Restaurant and Bar Managers - review the restaurant and bar operations that include event planning, inventory, buying supplies, knowing the federal and state regulations for the distribution and sale of alcohol and ensuring that customer satisfaction is high.
  4. Pastry Chefs - their work is not limited to making pastries because they also do administrative duties like preparing the budget and ordering supplies for making pastry as well as supervising apprentices and teaching relevant skills.
  5. Sommelier - They are wine waiters and they manage the wine services, prepare wine lists, supervise large quantity of stocks, and advise costumers in selection of wine and wine services.
  6. Waiters and waitresses - the most common staff in the food industry. They usually receive high salaries depending on experience.
  7. Bartenders - don’t only mix and serve drinks to customers as they also collect payment and operate the cash register, they make sure that customers meet the age requirement when purchasing alcohol, they order and maintain the liquor supply and wash the glassware and utensils after their use.
  8. Cooks - inspects food preparation, tests foods to determine if they are properly cooked, measure and mix ingredients according to the recipe, coordinate and supervise kitchen staff, and consult with the supervisor to plan menus and costs for special events.
  9. Bakers - measures and mixes ingredients, molds dough into loaves, bake pies, cookies, cakes, and other pastries
  10. Host and Hostess - coordinates and supervises the restaurant dining room activities, checks with phone reservationist for reservation messages, check the kitchen, plan the seating chart, organize reservations, greet guests and escort them to their table, and if there are any problems quickly gets the manager.
There are many job opportunities all over the world and if you pick the right job, you will have many more opportunities in the future. There are many kinds of food service jobs in the food industry sector. Always remember to make a good effort to take a job and have a good life. Have the right mind set and positive thinking and make every effort to excel in any work you do.

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